In accordance with the provisions of the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Parties (hereinafter "THE LAW"), we allow ourselves to ask you to carefully read the Terms and Conditions contained in this document, since the simple contribution you make of your personal data (hereinafter your "PERSONAL DATA") constitutes acceptance of these Terms and Conditions:

1. SERVICIOS PROFESIONALES DE IMPRESIÓN, S.A. de C.V. (hereinafter "SPI"), will be responsible for your "PERSONAL DATA", in accordance with the provisions of section I of article 16 of "THE LAW", residing at Mimosas N ° 31, Col. Santa María Insurgentes, Cuauhtémoc CP Delegation 06430, in Mexico, CDMX.

2. The terms “Personal Data” and “Sensitive Personal Data” will have the meaning attributed to them in sections V and VI of article 3 of “THE LAW”.

3. The term “Treatment” (hereinafter the “TREATMENT”) will have the meaning attributed to it in section XVIII of “THE LAW”.

4. The "PERSONAL DATA" that you can provide to "SPI" will be the full name, address, telephone number, age, gender, marital status, family and / or personal references, occupation, email, Federal Taxpayers Registry.

5. The "SENSITIVE PERSONAL DATA" that you can provide to "SPI" will be union references, data related to health status, bank account statement and financial statements, and will have the use described below:


6. The information that you may provide to "SPI", may be used by the latter in order to identify, locate, communicate, contact, validate in job interviews with "SPI", and to give it the necessary use according to the legal or commercial relationship that may exist between "SPI" and you. Send you merchandise, information on benefits, advertising campaigns, promotions, surveys, statistics, purposes that are accessory to those mentioned in the first paragraph. The temporality of the handling of your "PERSONAL DATA" will remain until the purpose for which it was requested is fulfilled or for up to 5 (five) years, from the date you provide them to "SPI", being able to oppose it at the moment in which you consider it appropriate. Once your information has been used for the purposes for which it was used, the treatment of your "PERSONAL DATA" will be canceled in accordance with the provisions of article 37 of the "LAW" Regulations.


7. Once you give "SPI" your "PERSONAL DATA", these will be kept in different types of support, in accordance with current technology, access to which will be limited only to individuals with whom "SPI" has a relationship. legal. "SPI" will have the security measures it deems appropriate to protect the use of your "PERSONAL DATA" even by unauthorized third parties. If your "PERSONAL DATA" is required by any federal and / or state authority - within the scope of its competence - federal and / or state, they may be made available to them, in strict compliance with "THE LAW".


8. The "TREATMENT" of your "PERSONAL DATA", which have been made available to "SPI" under any form or circumstance, may be used by "SPI" in accordance with these Terms and Conditions, so from this At this time, it is understood that you expressly authorize "SPI" for this purpose, until you express your opposition in writing, by telephone, electronically, or by any optical, sound, visual or other means that technology allows now or in the future. by any of the means indicated by "THE LAW";


9. You will have access to your "PERSONAL DATA" at all times, once "SPI" validates the applicant's information, either to request access, rectification, cancellation or opposition in accordance with the provisions of "THE LAW ”, In written, electronic or telephone form, directing your message generically to SERVICIOS PROFESIONALES DE IMPRESIÓN, SA de C.V., at the following address: Mimosas N ° 31, Col. Santa María Insurgentes, Cuauhtémoc C.P. 06430, CDMX, or by calling 51170100, Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., on business days, as appropriate. For the purposes of exercising this right, in accordance with article 29 of "THE LAW", you must let "SPI" know reliably and by any means, stating the purpose for which you provided your "PERSONAL DATA", as well as the name of the person to whom it was delivered and generally comply with the requirements established in article 29 of "THE LAW". The response time to your request to exercise ARCO rights will be carried out in accordance with the terms established by article 32 of "THE LAW".

You may limit the use and disclosure of your personal data, other than the exercise of your ARCO rights, in accordance with the provisions of article 16 section III of "THE LAW", in written, electronic or telephone form as established in the previous paragraph.


10. The "PERSONAL DATA" and "SENSITIVE PERSONAL DATA", that you provide to "SPI", will not be transferred to third parties, and in the event that this occurs you will be informed about any "TRANSFER" that may be carried out from the same to any third party, and for this they will be notified of such action by any means, whether written, telephone, electronic, optical, sound, visual or any other that technology allows now or in the future, with prior express consent and by written. If this is the case, you will have the right to oppose it, having to follow the process mentioned in the immediately previous point.

11. In the event that "SPI" requires to use your "PERSONAL DATA" for purposes other than those indicated in this Privacy Notice, it will notify you either in writing, by telephone, electronically, or by any optical, sound, or other means. visual or other that technology allows now or in the future, and will explain the new uses that you intend to give said information in order to obtain your authorization; and

12. In the case of “SENSITIVE PERSONAL DATA”, you must provide “SPI” with your express and written consent for its “TREATMENT”, through your autograph signature, electronic signature, or any authentication mechanism established for that purpose and in accordance with what is established by "THE LAW".


"SPI" can revise "THE LAW" at any time, since any change will be promptly communicated on this page. If you continue to use our site, such action indicates that you accept the use of the information just provided in accordance with the changes made by "SPI".

Last modified: May 18, 2020

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